MANUP 2022

“It was my first conference & every participation is a blessing because the Holy Spirit is present to touch your heart & shower us with His blessings.”

“Speakers were great. Fellowship was terrific.
So very glad I came. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make this conference happen!”

“People should come for two main reasons. They will leave better equipped to be the man God called them to be, and they will be better equipped for their family life.” 

Laz Garcia,

St. Thomas University Law School Graduate ​

In 2013, the Brothers in Christ from St. Edward Catholic Church, located in Pembroke Pines, FL of the Archdiocese of Miami held its first ManUp Conference. Men from Florida and other states as well had the opportunity to attend this annual event.

Each year this conference presented a different experience to those attending, creating an environment for men to encounter the Lord while allowing a most powerful personal experience. Following the pandemic and beginning in 2022, the ManUP Conference has expanded to include over 100 parishes from the three South Florida counties encompassing the Archdiocese of Miami.

The conference, which now invites men to attend with their sons and grandsons, sons-in-law and nephews, provides a ministry for men at a time when the need for men to grow as “priest, prophet and king” as anointed through baptism has never been greater. 

Join us at ManUP 2023

“Countless men have returned to the sacraments, many after being away for decades and have re-assumed their role as the spiritual heads of their households.”

Ed Kolo, 

ManUP Conference C0-Chairman​

“I was there for the inaugural conference, and it was a life-changing event for me.” 

Carlos Vazquez,

a parishioner of St. Edward, speaking about the annual ManUP Conference

”The speakers were all outstanding.  Adoration and Mass are key to the Spirituality of the event.”

 “I never realized how powerful being prayed over could be…..”



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